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  • Præmier: £200
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  • Vinder: ahfahim88

Konkurrence Instruktioner


Design the front page of a new website, including a custom-designed main image.

1. The website runs an app for learning foreign languages. The audience is worldwide, but English-speaking. The app appeals to clever, self-motivated learners, and the page must radiate authority and trustworthiness.

2. Supply mobile view and laptop view, with responsive design. Use minimal scrolling. You don't need to supply any code, because your design will be recoded by others anyway. So you can use a proprietary platform for your design, as long as you produce a design that is easy to hand-code.

3. In the overall design, include *only* the six content-elements listed below, positioned as you think best.

4. Fonts must be free of charge and available on all devices; sans-serif is preferred. Other pages on the site use BabelSans, Fira Sans (both free from any font-store), and Noto Sans from GoogleAPIs. These might be too narrow for the laptop view, but you can use different fonts on the two views.

5. Use flat colours (i.e. no gradients) in broad extents, poster-style, throughout. The colours must match the primitivist blue-colours palette shown in Project Files, 'colours.png' (updated 7th December), unless there's good reason for a difference.


TEXT OF USP: Allocate the amount of space that looks best on the page, and fill it with 'Lorem ipsum...'. The client will then edit the USP (see Note 1) to fit.

BRAND: "Jamie Lovett", plus "Scotland's leading languages and accents coach".

TAGLINE: "The quickest way to learn a language".

ACTION BUTTON: "Languages and accents".

URL: Show this URL on the page to reinforce the brand name, but link it to Jamie's credentials (client will fill in the destination URL).

MAIN IMAGE ('hero image'):

-- The main image must be custom-built, i.e. with no stock images or clips, and wholly your own work.

-- The image is a narrative: two people are communicating in a strange language, one male, one female, aged 30-35, educated, vivacious, attracted to each other.

-- They have slightly different ethnic backgrounds, to suggest that knowing a foreign language gets you talking to lots of interesting people.

-- They're having a conversation. Some real point is being made, and they're emotionally involved in what's being said.

-- The strange language (a real language, though not well known) consists of text at 'strange-language.png' in Project Files, which you'll probably want to put in a speech-bubble. You can change it if you want (see Note 2).

-- The style must be minimalist (see Note 3), and the colours must be as in (5) above (but you can use other colours for contrast within the image).

-- Use the same image for mobile view and laptop view.

Note 1: Here is the current draft of the USP, shown for your guidance only: "Jamie Lovett's courses teach you how your target language works, using vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar. This is proper learning, not play-and-pretend; you'll be confident and fluent, because you have specific knowledge. You can learn the material in any sequence, and at your own pace. All Jamie Lovett's courses are free of charge: there is no sign-in, and no pressure. And if you get stuck, your can use the Forum to ask questions."
Note 2: You might want to add more words to the speech-bubble text, and also English punctuation such as suspension dots ..., exclamation mark !, or question mark ?, so that it looks more like a piece of conversation. And you might want to change some of the letters used, because some will look better than others. Details nearer the time.
Note 3: Here are two images to get you in the mood. They're copyrighted, so you can't imitate them, and what you produce must be totally different in content, but they'll give you the flavour of what's required: 'conversation.jpg', 'exhausted-student.png' (both in Project Files).

Anbefalede Evner


“He delivered high-quality work on time. His initial delivery did not meet the requirements, but he corrected that quickly. He has fuill expertise in his field. His communications were not quite professional - he asked me repeatedly to do things that had not been agreed - but that;s easily dealt with. I would hire him again.”

Profilbillede derek137, United Kingdom.

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  • mukta131
    • 3 uger siden

    I was looking forward to working on this contest. I was backed up and this contest had a lot of time remaining. Anyway, I like your engagement and professionalism so, please let me know if you post any more work in the future :)

    • 3 uger siden
  • mukta131
    • 3 uger siden

    Could you share a link to the new contest?

    • 3 uger siden
  • derek137
    • 1 måned siden

    Congratulations to all the entrants on your good work in improving your hero images! But still no image is good enough for the £200 GBP prize money offered. The image really needs a cartoonist, to make people laugh. So I've posted a new Project that invites cartoonists into this Contest: it's called Witty Picture for New Business. The cartoonist will develop the image he likes best. If it's your image, you will win the Contest.

    To enable the cartoonist to make a decision, I will be sending them copies of the five best images. If you're one of those five, you'll get a chat message in the next 24 hours asking you if that's OK.

    I'm certain now that I will award the prize for this Contest to the entrant with the best hero image. I may also buy, under a separate, private agreement, one of the webpage designs.

    I look forward to seeing the cartoonist help us all forward.

    • 1 måned siden
  • derek137
    • 1 måned siden

    1. Use mostly white background, with some light colouring, and light lines.
    2. In conversations, people take turns. So only one person should be speaking.
    3. Hands distract from your message - hide them, unless they're telling the viewer something.
    4. We need to know, from their posture and facial expressions, what each person is thinking (and they're thinking different things!). In 'conversation.png' in the Project File, the boy is clearly talking complete nonsense, but the girl is loving it. It doesn't matter what emotions you show, but they must be specific and clear.

    • 1 måned siden
  • derek137
    • 1 måned siden


    1. I'm pleased to see that some entrants have removed their duplicate entries, as requested.

    2. Very few entries include a custom-built main image - i.e. one that uses no stock components, and is wholly your own work. The new webpage must have this, so you need to produce at least a rough sketch. If you can, please do this by midnight on Friday 10th GMT. If you can't do this, see 4 below.

    3. Very few entries show only the six required components on the mobile view and laptop view - most have many more. If you have more than six components your entry will not be considered, and that really does mean that you must not include a logo (it's not one of the six required components) or a Contact button (ditto). Please remove surplus components from your entry by midnight on Friday 10th GMT.

    • 1 måned siden
  • derek137
    • 1 måned siden


    4. It's possible that no entry will have both a custom-built main image and an acceptable overall design. But I still have to choose a winner, so I will take whichever entry seems best. I may then perhaps hire an entrant who is not the winner, under a new Project, to replace the missing element - the custom-built image if the winner didn't have that, or the overall design if the winner's design wasn't very good. So stay in the competition.

    5. It's highly likely that I'll do more work with you anyway if you win, polishing your winning entry, so my choice of winner will be influenced by how easy you were to work with. If you submit an entry that doesn't meet the requirements because you haven't read the project Details or the project's Comments page, or ask questions that are answered there, I'm not going to work with you.

    • 1 måned siden
  • derek137
    • 1 måned siden


    6. A few entrants have posted 'holding' entries saying 'working on it...', but no actual sample. And time is running on, because as well as seeing your entry, I need to know what you're like to work with. I need to see something by midnight GMT on Tuesday 14th.

    7. The project Details page has been updated to answer all earlier queries. All earlier comments on this Comments page have now been answered, and have therefore been deleted.

    8. I'll post another public feedback one week from today, on Tuesday 14th, or thereabouts.

    • 1 måned siden

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