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  • smbobeast
    • 10 år siden

    OK! We have a winner: Is there any way we can not fade out the edges? At least not the actual 'V' letter?

    Let me think about this for the rest of the day. But I will be paying you, I've already decided. Plus, I'll throw in additional tips for your troubles.

    There is one piece remaining for me before I can call it perfect. The "Direct" portion, I think should be a Sans font, without the serifs. Maybe we can use two fonts, one for "Vapers" to give it design value, and one for "Direct" to be clean and depict professionalism.

    I had some thoughts about something else we could do with "Direct", that is really easy. Do you have an email address I can send you this sample jpeg I created to? You will understand it better if I just show you. :)


    • 10 år siden
    1. Ismene
      • 10 år siden

      Oooh, cool :)

      Of course, I will remove the gradient overlay, it was just an idea…

      Re: TWO FONTS
      As far as I know this particular font (France) doesn't exist in sans form. I can either search for a similar font or embrace the madness and purposefully use a completely different one, or,possibly, remove the serifs manually. Thing to be considered when using two diff. fonts – the logo may come across as incongruent, especially mixing serif&sans in one line. Also,when surrounded by text, it might look like "Direct“ is not part of the company name, merely referring to a particular segment of the website for example, or denoting a sub-section of your enterprise (as in GoogleMaps, WikiData). But perhaps it's only my personal bent, if you feel strongly about it, I'll find a way…
      Another option: "Direct“ in smallCaps, or "Direct“ in diff. font beneath "Vapers“.

      phiAT e m a i l DOTcz

      Thank you very much & Best Regards

      • 10 år siden
    2. Ismene
      • 10 år siden

      I hope the email address is understandable, it is impossible to post it in regular form, and the application recognizes almost every modification devised to circumvent it, the annoyingly clever little thing ...

      • 10 år siden