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VapersDirect (logo by Ismene)

... will gladly change it some - according to your wishes : )

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  • smbobeast
    • 10 år siden


    Pretty cool concept. :)

    I'm loving the vapor. A few things I'm thinking about:

    What if we keep the text "Vapers" in black, and have the actual vapor color be the greyish/arctic white that it is in real life?

    What do you think about making the text "Direct" blue?

    So basically "Vapers" will be black, and "Direct" will be blue, sort of separating the two.

    Also, where can I find a list of fonts to choose from? I'm not certain the set of fonts you have to use, but it might be easier if I pick the font type to my liking.

    Your thoughts?


    • 10 år siden
    1. Ismene
      • 10 år siden

      OMG ! What happened ? From five stars to rejected ??!! Perplexed ....
      I am so positive it is a good one ... : (
      Anyway, could you please point out the problem, perhaps I can still create one that meets your idea ...
      Thank you !

      • 10 år siden
    2. smbobeast
      • 10 år siden

      Oh no! I'm sorry. It was my misunderstanding.

      Just to clear the air, you are one of the top ones on my list. Your version of the smoke design was a great idea. It's great!

      A couple of things, I would like the text "Vapers" to be either black, charcoal, or the same color as the smoke/vapor. I would like the smoke/vapor to be what it is in real life, which has tones of black/dark greys/light greys/and arctic whites.

      Can we make the text "Direct" a blue shade? Something not too dark, but not too light either. With this text, I'm trying to get the person who is reading it, to understand that, is a one stop shop for everything they need. It's like a direct line to get what they want cheap, and fast. I'm not sure if you have any ideas on how to better have that idea/concept come across. I'm open to ideas.

      The only other thing I'm looking into now is fonts. I will have a specific to use by tomorrow night. Stay tuned.

      • 10 år siden