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Bridges School

So I decided to put only two heads on the main strokes, like if they were only two people giving hands. Putting heads on all of them was making it more of a statistics company, and it was graphically heavy and drab. I've made the last two versions with the strokes rounded and different typography so that the rest of the logo could be more cohesive with the roundness of the heads. There's little difference between them, being the last one a little bit lighter and spaced. Let me know what you think, thanks.

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  • pammadex
    • 9 år siden

    Oh I see, didn't know that brand, really similar indeed. Thanks

    • 9 år siden
  • bridgesschl
    • 9 år siden

    Good thinking. I think the first one is best. The other couple start to get too similar to the Cisco logo.

    • 9 år siden