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Hi, Please check this logo design. All works are original artwork. In the first logo used gold coin design and inside used the text "TET". The "E" represents the stack of coins, i.e. the progress. In the second design the letter "T" like the bitcoin design. It will be a unique id for Titcoin. Please give me a feedback on this. If you wish I will change the fonts according to your suggestions. Thank You.

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  • kediacorp
    • 9 år siden

    We enjoy how this flows. The engraved lettering honors the style of thinking behind this crypto currency. Good luck as this contest progresses.

    • 9 år siden
    1. paprikacreations
      • 9 år siden

      Thank You for your precious feedback. Please let me know if you want any changes on this. Thank You.

      • 9 år siden