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This submission uses abstract shapes to create a crisp letter 'H' icon. This is accompanied by a modern heritage font producing a sophisticated modern logo in warm grey and gold. This elegant, contemporary, vector identity works well on dark and light backgrounds, in black and white, is fully scalable and readable at all sizes. It will work with metallic foil, embossing, print in and because of it's clean edges, will embroider well. I'm happy to follow advice regarding changes to any aspect of the design. I trust this meets the brief and look forward to receiving feedback. Thank you for your time and consideration. Kind regards, Nicholas Halliday. HallidayBooks (UK).

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  • HallidayBooks
    • 10 år siden

    Thank you for the star rating.

    If you aren't completely satisfied with this I'd be happy to work with you to bring it more in line with your ideas. I regularly work off-site with clients before returning to compete the handover on Freelancer.

    Best Wishes

    Nick Halliday

    • 10 år siden