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Flyer for Gladwell Entertainment

Feel free to leave any comment, I'm insipred from your website Thanks

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  • jae06
    • 8 år siden

    Hello, I have made a new one
    Please check, thank you

    • 8 år siden
  • willgladwell
    • 8 år siden

    • Bouncy Castles
    • Slides
    • Assault Courses
    • Rodeo Bull
    • Bungee Run
    • Sumo Suits
    • Wrecking Ball
    • Gladiator Duel
    • Soft Play
    • Ball Pool
    • Mascots
    • Popcorn and Candyfloss
    • Discos
    • Marquee Hire
    • Party Games
    Maybe use a star or something as the bullet point? I have attached more photographs to be used as well

    • 8 år siden
  • willgladwell
    • 8 år siden

    Hi, thanks for the entry, I like the design however it needs a few changes, for the website and phone number please use the graphic provided in red and blue. Can we change the images so that no item is shown twice. Please can we remove the paragraphs of writing and replace with the following bullet points.

    • 8 år siden