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Dear Sir/Madam, I hope I have done the sample job to satisfactory level.Kindly check the work to verify my statement.I agree to your conditions stated in your contest.My attitude is do things in a perfect way as per what job demands. I was doing architectural and structural shop drawings in Dubai (UAE) for two years.This knowledge helped me to understand and catch things easier.I can offer timely delivery and error less drawings.Genuine approach to the task is guaranteed from my part. I am graduate Civil Engineer and have enough AUTOCAD experience and expertise required for your job.Look forward for a great team work and growth together.I can send the CAD drawing for better verification for you. Sincerely Stallon Joseph

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                                         for                                             2D Home House Designs in AUTO CAD - Construction Drawings - Working Drawings - ONGOING WORK Australia - 18/05/2022 05:28 EDT

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