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My name is Shanice Darden I came up with my brand Crown The Bee based of my life experience. Coming up as a child I was always heavy set and was always picked on it made me upset. I then tried to be a bully so I wouldn’t be bullied. I started to lie and my lies became my truths witch made me a whole different person. I then started to live the life as a lie for an example i pretended to be the person i was truly not and it became my image. I’ve don’t so wrong to so many people. As life went on I became a mother oh I love my Children so much. I then became unhappy, always sad, emotional wreck where I couldn’t control it. August 6 2019 I had a conversation with a friend i met and I came apart if there group they where so happy, so positive, so supportive, so joyful, so nice, so loving, they worked as a team, and they accepted me for who I was. In December 2019 I cried one night because I couldn’t tell anyone what I loved to do, what made me happy, what made me laugh, what’s my talent. All I could remember when I filled forms out like that I always lied.. And that’s when the fight began! I’ve learned self value, self love , self worship, I’ve learned to be honest, I became big on Affirmation. I’ve gained so much knowledge in the last 2 years where I’m comfortable to Yell to the world I LOVE ME without a care in the world. How can I be teacher to my children when I can’t teach myself, How can I take care my children when I can’t take care myself?? My emotions affect my children in every aspect. I went throw my journey alone because nobody never listened to me so that was something i had to work on alone. I isolated my self to pay more attention to me, I worked so many hour to be come independent, I let go a lot of friends that didn’t want to see me do better respectful. At that point I started to be come less stressful. I’ve became happy in myself, I smile more, I have fun more, I can walk in the room confident, I enjoy my children, I’m not angry. The message I want to send to all my Bee’s as in any human in the world is Beeeee Your Self In All You Do! Never live a life that’s not you. Whatever makes you happy Bee It Live It Achieve it! I want to help save a life from what I once experience. So I’m Crowning All the Bee’s! I’m bringing out Apparel, Accessories, Bags, Shoes, Daily Quotes, And more. I want to show my bees to claim the best life speak the best life into existence. Crown The Bee ??

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  • edmilsonlirico20
    • 1 måned siden

    Please see my entry and tell me what missed

    • 1 måned siden
  • TMoj
    • 1 måned siden

    Hi Shanice! Inspiring story it is. Can you clarify what exactly you need? Is it a logo, do you need a promoter, or a slogan? Thanks.

    • 1 måned siden
    1. Nashay5692
      • 1 måned siden

      Hi Tin! Thank you, I need a Logo. If you are interested in helping me with the Logo I’m Looking for a Bumble that looks Extremely happy Hands up in the air with a crown on. And I’m Also looking for the B with a crown. I apologize on the delay thank you.

      • 1 måned siden
  • Nashay5692
    • 1 måned siden

    I’m looking for something like a Bumble bee with confidence with they hands up and the crown on and excitement in there face and Crown the bee

    • 1 måned siden

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