Create illustrations for J&T book series YT episodes: (Book 3 Parking lot action scenes) round 3

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Only submissions from Freelancers: Trisna, Mujahid S. and Yash K. will be considered!

1st place: £50
2cnd place:£40
3rd place:£30

Everything else that I can still use: £20

I do tip for exceptional work! So even if you're not in the top 3 illustrations, it doesn't mean you can't make more than £20 for each illustration. I pay what I can as it is, but if you deliver exceptional quality, I make sure that I reward it where I see it.


I would like to create illustrations for action-scenes in Chapter 2 (First Mission) of my 3rd book - please look up the supporting files. Chose one scene FROM THE HIGHLIGHTED TEXT to depict, I do not care which one, any. You will have a lot of material to choose from to have an artistic freedom.
(the highlighted text is what illustrations I'm still missing, don't do the rest - normal text - those scenes were already illustrated previously.

Please click the link to see what was in the previous rounds, and it's support files here:

The book is action packed and gory, thus, the artist needs to be OK with that.


Quality work , to start with. Keeping the appearance of already existing characters. The red undertone of the art.
(Main character/s on supporting files, please maintain the look)
Please choose scene that no-one else is working on yet to avoid disappointment and guarantee a prize if you work to a certain quality level (please check supporting file to see what quality I expect)

Independence: Chose a scene on your own, don't wait to be told. Check whether someone else is already working on it. Think, If no-one else is working on it already, and I will like the quality (16:9 ratio with enough details and clarity to be able to zoom in on details - 4K resolution) , you're guaranteed to win a prize (no less than £20).

Finally, I will require the artist to become familiar with the WHOLE support text file before conducting any work, as I believe that is the only way to "capture" the essence of the action scene and to avoid unnecessary corrections.
(what they should be wearing, what injuries/damage to armour they should have if any etc.)

*Important* - I'm interested only in the illustrations FROM THE HIGHLIGHTED TEXT of Chapter 2: First Mission (page 13 onwards, the rest is there only for the context)


I will guide you on your work in progress during the process, so that you don't have to do many corrections and you will get the prize. Please always send rough sketches before the finished work. It will avoid unnecessary corrections or double workload.

As my drawing skills are none existent, I will mostly resort to 3rd party similar content for guidance and verbal description. It is in my interest to make it work, since I do want those illustrations. If I think that you don't have the skills necessary, I will tell you as soon as I realize that, to not waste your or my time trying to make it work.

I DO NOT ACCEPT AI created "ART" or just Photoshop "art", it's easy to spot and you will just waste your time. If you can't drawn new art at all on your own (do a pencil sketch), then you're not qualified for this contest and have no chance to be awarded any prize. Don't waste your time, you have been warned.

My only concern is for the final quality of the work. Because it is either good enough, or useless to me.

[I Intend to do 3-5 rounds of this contests running for up to 5 months 30days each to get ~100 illustrations total] This is just round 3.

Would you be interested in such a work? Do you have the skills required?

If so, I would like to invite you to take part in the contest!

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“Excellent work as always, I'm a returning customer!”

Profilbillede LPtributeseries, United Kingdom.

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  • Neggachmohamed
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    • 3 måneder siden
    1. LPtributeseries
      • 2 måneder siden

      Just noticed your comment, it's a character in the books, but the contest is exclusive anyway, thanks for taking interest

      • 2 måneder siden
  • abdollahnafia5
    • 3 måneder siden

    contact me

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      Hi, how can I help you?

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  • SenthilRaghavan
    • 3 måneder siden

    Dear contest holder,
    Is this contest open to all? or just the selected, because I can provide my beautiful works as well.

    • 3 måneder siden
    1. LPtributeseries
      • 3 måneder siden

      Hi, it is exclusive as mentioned in the description, I have already 3 artists on team that do excellent job and I can't afford another one, thank you for taking interest.

      • 3 måneder siden

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