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Konkurrence Instruktioner

Create a tips for Care Givers Flyer

Should be created on the attached template as well as stock image

Should state "Tips for Caregivers" at the top

Tip 1 You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first!
The good you can do for your loved one = how well you take care of your own health
Be proactive!
Learn to relax
Take care of your health
Engage in physical activity
Find out why they say there is strength in numbers

Tip 2 - Give your relationships love and attention
Remember that chronic disease has a way of changing relationship roles
Change in role – from spouse/child/friend, to caregiver
Role changes become more dramatic as dementia progresses
Strain on relationships can result in the signs of stress noted in Caregiver tip #3

Tip 3 - Watch for signs of stress!
Anxiety, depression, irritability
Feeling tired and run down
Difficulty sleeping
New or worsening health problems
Trouble concentrating
Cutting back on leisure activities
Neglecting responsibilities
Overreacting to minor nuisances
Feeling increasingly resentful

Tip 4 - Combat Stress
Take one day at a time – focus on the here and now
Learn to relax
Combat negative moods by sharing negative feelings
Get enough sleep and lots of sunlight
Get enough exercise and physical activity
Seek out professional help

Tip 5 - Communicating with your loved one with dementia:
Try not to argue – instead agree
Rather than reason, try to divert or change the subject
Avoid embarrassment - instead distract
Try not to lecture – instead reassure
Avoid saying “Remember?” – instead reminisce
Don’t say I told you – instead repeat or regroup
Don’t say “you can’t” – instead tell your loved one she/he can
Try not to command or demand – instead ask or model behavior
Don’t condescend – instead encourage or praise
Don’t enforce – instead, reinforce

Tip 6 - Help Other Help You!
“Giving feels fantastic and for there to be a Giver, there must be a Receiver, so allowing yourself to receive is an act of love” -Rebecca O’Dwyer
Follow your own advice to others – “Don’t hesitate to ask for help”
Accept offers of help – Don’t worry about being a burden
Look to your existing support systems – church, social groups, friends
Seek professional help – primary medical care, counseling, support groups
“Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it.” -- Ziad K. Abdelnour

Design colors should include Navy (00496e) and Grey (7A7A7A)

Logo should be included on the bottom with room for web site, phone number and 3 locations.

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