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Inn Bike Ford Transit Proposal

Finished this basic version. You can change, add, or subtract anything you see. Let me know your opinion! (Forgive my German, I was using Google Translate) Ich beendete diese Basisversion. Sie können verändern, zu ergänzen, etwas abzuziehen oder Sie sehen. Sagen Sie mir Ihre Meinung! (Verzeihen Sie mein schlechtes Deutsch, benutzte ich Google Translate)

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  • hansonite
    • 10 år siden

    Hi Evanconrad,

    I would please you to continue the design work on your first version ( #2 of the current contest).
    Your design is really cool and I would please you to do minor modifications:

    1. Remove the SRAM Logo.
    2. Use following logo's. Trek, Bontrager, Diamant and e-bikes4you (AI files are uploaded)
    3. Make the logo's bigger and locate on the bottom side of the car.
    4. Modify the stripes starting from wheel arch and let them flow over the front light.
    Similar like you did it with the stripes on the rear of the car.

    Thanks ! Looking forward to your new version.


    • 10 år siden
    1. evanconrad
      • 10 år siden

      Should be able to get something to you by tomorrow evening (by 6pm Pacific Time)

      • 10 år siden
    2. evanconrad
      • 10 år siden

      I made another message, but I don't know which you'll receive first. I don't know if I can post any additional images if the contest is pending. I have no options for posting or adding to the image roster. Try to fix it so that I can post you the final images. Thank you!

      • 10 år siden