C Program (Semaphores)

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In this assignment, our process will create multiple threads at different times, as in A02. These threads may have
different start_time but there is no lifetime. Each thread after its creation runs a small critical section and then
terminates. All threads perform same action/code. Most of the code such as reading the input file, creating the
threads etc. is provided. Your task is to implement following synchronization logic with the help of POSIX
• Only one thread can be in its critical section at any time in this process.
• The first thread, in terms of creation time, enters first in its critical section.
• After that threads are permitted to perform their critical section based on their ID.
o Threads are given IDs in the format txy where x and y are digits (0-9). Thread IDs are unique.
Threads may have same or different start_time. Thread entries in the input file can be in any order.
o The “y” in thread IDs thus will either be an even digit or odd digit.
o After the first thread, the next thread that will be permitted to perform its critical section must be
the one in which “y” is different i.e. if “y” was even in first thread then in the next it must be odd
or vice versa.
o For the rest of the process, you must follow the same scheme i.e. two threads with odd “y” or even
“y” can not perform critical section simultaneously.
• Since synchronization may lead to deadlock or starvation, you have to make sure that your solution is
deadlock free i.e. your program must terminate successfully, and all the threads must perform their critical
• One extended form of starvation will be that towards the end, we have all odd or all even processes left,
and they are all locked because there are no other type (odd/even) of threads left. Once the process reaches
to that stage, you must let them perform their critical section to avoid starvation and progress towards the
end of the process. However, you must make sure that there are no other threads coming in future
which could help avoid this situation. If there is chance for more threads coming, then you will hold
this till then.
For this assignment, you are provided a skeleton code in the file student_code.c. Some functions are completely
implemented, and some are partially implemented. Additionally, you can write your own functions if required.
Complete the program as per following details so that we can have functionality as described in the Synopsis
above. Write all the code in single C file:
1. The code provided reads the content of file for you and populate the threads information in a dynamic array
of type struct thread. You may add some more members to this data structure if required. If you want to
initialize those members, then you can possibly do that during the file read.
2. The main() already contains the code to create and invoke threads. However, there is no synchronization
logic added to it. If required, you will add some suitable code in the while loops to perform the tasks required.
3. The threadRun() function also contains the code that a thread must run. However, again the
synchronization logic is missing. Add the suitable code before and after the critical section.
4. You will need to create and use POSIX semaphore(s) to implement the required logic.
5. The image below shows the expected output for the sample input file provided with this assignment:

Below is an example of what the function will produce:

Thread ID: StartTime
t00 1
t03 2
t07 3
t05 4
t02 5
t01 20

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