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This is the home page show casing the Line X results in the slider .

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  • IronSingh
    • 10 år siden

    It's beautiful, but on the phone it's ugly formatting is way off.
    I know it's not a mobile page. But can you the formatting a little.

    Also I'll send you some info to add. There is also a couple of mistakes with the links.

    I am checking on my phone I will get to the office in about an hour, I'll check properly and respond soon

    • 10 år siden
    1. ntandodlodlo
      • 10 år siden

      Hello. To build a mobile site is another contest. However the site we have built is 95% mobile friendly. We have tested it on a Nokia 5230 and it looks perfect. Please send us the company info so that we can add them in. Thank you.

      • 10 år siden