Awesome video intro needed for logo and product demo

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Hello Freelancers! We are a fireworks company. We are working on filming products being demo'ed and need a cool custom video template created that will be used to play these videos.

Essentially there are three parts we need for the video
Part 1) Logo Intro - This will be used for more than product demo videos
Part 2) Product Intro - Template used to show the product and give details
Part 3) Demo Overlay - Template used to display information while the actual product demo is being shown

Below are some examples of product demo videos we really like. These are broken into two categories.

Awesome Demo
A1) [login to view URL]
A2) [login to view URL]
A3) [login to view URL]
A4) [login to view URL]

Simple Demo
S1) [login to view URL]
S2) [login to view URL]
S3) [login to view URL]
S4) [login to view URL]

Part 1) 3-5 second Logo Intro
We are looking for a logo intro with a look and feel somewhere between "S1" and "A1". "A1" intro is really loud with a cool effect. "S1" has a simple but effective intro effect but no sound.

Part 2) 3-5 second Product Intro
Any of the "Awesome Demo" videos will give you a good idea of what we are looking for with this Product Info part of the video. We will not use a 3D rotating image. We will use a stationary image. We need to provide the below info during this time.
- Shots
- Class
- Colors
- Effects
- Run Time
- Angle

Part 3) Demo Overlay
The Demo Overlay is the graphics and details visible while the product demo is being shown.

There will be two types of product demo videos.
1) Single video stream like this: [login to view URL]
2) 2 or 3 video streams like this: [login to view URL]

For our demo videos though, we will not feature two more more products in the same video as seen with 2). We will only show different view angles of the same shot. So for example there may a view from the ground straight up, a view from 50' away, and a view from 100' a way.

A single view layout like 1) can be used for both styles of video. We will do a 50/50 split screen for a 2 view shot and then split the right side 50/50 again to show three views at the same time (50/25/25) . Does that make sense?

=============== Contest Entries ===============
For this contest, I want to see mock-ups of your design submitted as entries. I do not expect you to submit completed videos to start with BUT you are more than welcome to. I think it will be easier and less time consuming if you show me some of your ideas in image form. The top 2 or 3 entries will then be asked to submit a demo for Part 1) Logo Intro. The entry with the best design will be awarded the project.

DO NOT CREATE A MOCK-UP IF YOU CANNOT RECREATE IN VIDEO FORM! If I pick your design as the contest winner, you will then turn those design mock-ups into working video templates.

Any and all content, images, artwork and audio must be 100% original for this project OR have a legal commercial license for its use in the project.

=============== Awarded Freelancer ===============
After being awarded the contest, the final product will need to be 3 sets of fully editable video files. There will be a video template for each part.

Template 1) Logo Intro
Template 2) Product Intro
Template 3) Demo Overlay

I am by far not a video editing guru. These templates need to be easy to edit with the relevant information and product demo videos. We are currently using Corel VideoStudio. I do have access to Adobe After Effects but I am not as familiar with it. Keep this in mind.

I expect something cool, fun, eye catching and relevant to fireworks. I've spent a lot of time looking at stock video templates. I have not found anything I like. Do not waste time submitting a stock video template.

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“Awesome work. Thank you!”

Profilbillede top10edge, United States.

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  • souls
    • 11 måneder siden

    such a simple animation winner wast of time here..

    • 11 måneder siden
  • Taniafozia
    • 11 måneder siden

    hi please check Entry #17

    • 11 måneder siden
  • dipriu
    • 12 måneder siden

    Hi.. Please check mine #19 Thanks!

    • 12 måneder siden
  • syamjiths7
    • 12 måneder siden


    • 12 måneder siden
  • souls
    • 12 måneder siden

    wait working on it..

    • 12 måneder siden
  • aniballezama
    • 12 måneder siden

    Hi, check #14 please

    • 12 måneder siden
  • mire56
    • 12 måneder siden

    Hi, please rate #12

    • 12 måneder siden
  • debanjan999
    • 1 år siden

    Can you upload 3-4 your product boxes so I can use in my template to show you for Product Intro part ? Also for product demo videos[Demo Overlay] will you provide video for now or if any one will be chosen then ? is that $150 for showing only Design Mockup or for 3 video template ?

    • 1 år siden
    1. top10edge
      • 1 år siden

      Hi there. I would just google "500g fireworks" and pick a random set of boxes. I dont have any product images on this machine. You can use a random video from youtube if you need for your demo entry. $150 for the 3 part video template. Design mockup is just a suggestion to save time.

      • 1 år siden
  • Sihab1
    • 1 år siden

    I am Interested in your work because i already done some work in making video intro for logo and product advertising

    • 1 år siden
  • debanjan999
    • 1 år siden

    please wait atleast one week. we will make a custom designed for your video. Don't close before deadline [2 WEEKS, 5 DAYS REMAINING]

    • 1 år siden

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