AI-Generated 3 Modern History Videos

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1st create one video only and upload it using any one of these 2 scripts, one more topic will be shared soon: Pls find the attachments below for the samples.

---------***1st script ******------

Opening shot of the Louvre Museum in Paris, with lively background music]

Narrator (Voiceover): Step into history! In 1796, a whimsical mystery unfolded at the Louvre. Napoleon's statue stood tall, but guess what? Someone swiped his nose!

[Quick animated sequence of a shadowy figure with a chisel]

Narrator (Voiceover): Who did it? Why? The Louvre won't spill the beans, but Parisians turned the missing nose into a symbol of rebellious humor!

[Closing shot of the modern-day Louvre with the statue]

Narrator (Voiceover): The nose is back, but the legend lives on! Like and subscribe for more quirky history bites. Explore the past in 20 seconds! ?️‍♂️✨

-------*****2nd Script ********-------

Person 1 (P1): Hey, did you guys hear about Apollo 10's "Battle of the Toilet Seat"?

Person 2 (P2): No way! What happened?

Person 3 (P3): Apparently, during the mission in '69, the astronauts had a cosmic struggle with a missing toilet seat. Zero gravity and all!

P1: (laughs) You're kidding! Even in space, they had bathroom drama?

P2: (nodding) It's true. Thomas Stafford, John Young, and Eugene Cernan – they were on a mission to the Moon and ended up on a quest for a toilet seat.

P3: Imagine being on a historic space mission and dealing with a bathroom malfunction. Talk about down-to-earth problems, or should I say, down-to-Moon?

P1: (laughs) I guess even astronauts have their share of everyday challenges, even in the cosmos.

P2: Absolutely! It adds a touch of humor to the grand adventure of space exploration.

- --- --- -- -- --- --- - ********* -------- ---- --- ---

For this project, I'm seeking an experienced freelancer to create a short history video using Natural Language Processing technology. The focus of the video will be social movements in modern history. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone with:

- Experience in using AI, specifically Natural Language Processing.
- Proven track record in historical documentaries or related projects.
- Deep understanding of modern history, specifically social movements.

I'm looking forward to seeing your creative approaches in merging AI with historical storytelling.

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“Great talent so far . Very much satisfied. Highly recommended to all !”

Profilbillede EliteLoop, India.

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