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Replica Ocarina of Time

It's dangerous to go alone, take this! Let flow the power of ancient melodies and be transported to the world of Zelda, with this replica Ocarina of Time! A fully functional musical instrument, as well as a wondrous addition to any cosplay or collection! This handcrafted ocarina comes with a choice of your favourite carry bag, a cleaning cloth, necklaces, and a song book with ballads from the Flat and Sharp brothers, and the Sage of Shadow, Sheik - perfect for diving right into your ocarina experience! This limited edition offer provides you with everything you need to relive those classic days, only you'll be expending your breath to bring about magical boleros and minuets, rather than getting your cartridge to work! Small enough to carry with you for any occasion, with a dark blue colour reminiscent of Link's own magical ocarina, you'll find it difficult to put this down! Specifications: Length: 6". Depth: 3.5" Tuned to Alto C

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