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Creation of 3D-Animation

At the moment I'm looking for a job related 1)Web design I work in the programs :Adobe Photoshop, Adobe IIlustrator. InDesign, CorelDraw; .Adobe Flash CS6..Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 2) Creating clothes for charakter Marvelous Designer 3) Creation of computer games: Unity 3D 4) Creation of 3D-Animation I work in the programs: Autodesk 3ds Max , ZBrush, CINEMA 15, iClone5 , iClone6 ,DAZ 4.5 , Lumion 5.0, Keyshot5 5) Combined effects in movies in Adobe_After_Effects,Adobe Premiere Pro CC,HitFilm.Ultimate.v2.0 Example of my work to 3D-Animation Test 3D-Animation panzer Logo 3-D Gymnastics Car test 3D-Animation The production time from 1hour to 1 day Interested to work together! mutuall

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