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elegant queens

hello there, fast and fore most is to thank you for the invite. do hope my design won't disappoint and will go ahead and prove that you were right by giving me such a wonderful opportunity to take part in the far as my design is concerned, I wanted to make an elegant logo that represents royalty and class. that way I thought a potential client would fill amazing having bought such beautiful products from you. I have gone through your Instagram age and from the observation I made, I thought you deserve to be represented with royalty thus the design I am submitting. do hope the faith you had in me will be rubber stamped by the logo, otherwise all the best finding the logo that not only suits but best represents your company. good luck!

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  • Casesandchill
    • 1 år siden

    Thank you, and thanks for the good words. Let me tell you, so far this is the best logo from the ones which tried to include the two C-s in some way. It's very elegant, and simple

    • 1 år siden
    1. KelvinNjuguna
      • 1 år siden

      thank you, it really means a lot when I get such remarks from a client. I do like the fact that you are that involved and engaging with freelancers, it gives a motivational boost something no amount of money can really buy, thanks a lot and how I wish I might get the chance to work with you in the future. and as always, all the best of luck with the competition.

      • 1 år siden