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VitaWizz Pro Box

Hi, i changed the NutriPro on Mixer with VitaWizz Pro and also sending you clear and actual size image for your review and consideration.... kindly let me know if modification required.... thanks

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  • deziner14
    • 6 år siden

    thank you very much for your kind feedback, kindly find attached my edited entry for your review and feedback please. I highlighted the "101 recepies" to make it more prominent... added brighter outline around white splash to make it stand out... thank you!!!

    • 6 år siden
  • nosugar111
    • 6 år siden

    thanks looks good. the splash area for "101 recipes " this is very important area. please make 1 option where it stands out more. more prominent, maybe add brighter outline on the white splash, then i think its perfect. thank you.

    • 6 år siden