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Everything done in vector, even the company logo. And Compositions are prepared for simple users to edit. Directory are well organized. Animation background are sequences for lesser memory usage while editing. This is as far as it goes because I need more info to continue. I will update more on the other sequences on the cards image further in time. This is plainly designed so editing purposes and input of the client.

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  • freekiller1991
    • 7 år siden

    It looks realy great! Can u do it longer? and shows my membercard?
    i want present my business with it. maybe you can show to the website (screenshot)
    i want show the people what we do. we creating events for peolples, planing partys, and with our membercard the user has discount in each locations you can find on my website.

    but at time its looks realy cool!

    • 7 år siden
    1. erwinparreno
      • 7 år siden


      Requests to complete the animation:
      1. Your selected Royalty Free music for the animation. This must be provided by you.
      2. Images for the template (Or should I use the images on the video you have posted in YouTube)

      I will only proceed to finish your animation when I have the files needed.
      Please send all the files needed... because when I go to final render I will no longer accept changes from you unless we agree on another base of payment per hour rate.
      No changes on the layout and design as well. Redesign of the animation will be considered as different project.

      The editing files and final HD Video without watermark will be package and sent to you if you reward me as the contest winner.

      Send the files to my email. Thanks

      • 7 år siden