Offentlig Præciserings Opslagstavle

  • Cosminul
    • 5 år siden


    Thank you for your feedback !

    I`ll try to make the logo and the stamp as you mentioned. I`ll come back with a new post .

    • 5 år siden
  • nunobrito
    • 5 år siden

    Very good entry. The idea with the crowd is fabulous and I like this one quite a lot.

    Can you provide a version against a background in white color? Right now it seems that the blue will not really look so well against normal white backgrounds.

    Also, when the image gets resized to smaller dimensions then the holes on the base of the crowd don't look good any longer. Perhaps it would be possible to prepare an image suited for smaller dimensions? I would like to add this crowd to a stamp like this one:

    • 5 år siden