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Spinning disk marketing tool

Hello Sir. I've tried to follow your instructions and design your product accordingly. Please have a look on all the attached images and the mini video ( ). Let me know how you feel about it. In case you want any kind of alterations, changes can be made easily. Let me know if any, I'm available.

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  • ridwan091200
    • 2 måneder siden

    Thankyou for your feedback sir. I'll update it soon.

    • 2 måneder siden
  • MurrayMason
    • 2 måneder siden

    Great job!! This is exactly what I imagined in my head. The only feedback I have is that we would like to give this to our business customers so that they can use it as a tool to share with their customers. So I would like to only have the Zabitat Pro+ Icon visible (the yellow circle with house). Instead maybe you could have;
    Why replace it when you can Remodel It in 5 Simple Steps...
    1. Select your glass from over 70 designs/styles or design your own
    2. Select the size/configuration
    3. Select your frame, bright white or stainable/paintable tan
    4. Select your new door hardware, can key alike for multiple entries.
    5. Have your favorite painter finish off the look.
    Update the whole entry with matching sidelights and transoms even other fixed glass units in your home.
    Installation is quick with minimal disturbance to your home.

    • 2 måneder siden