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Poster paint box

Hi sir.. I'm still working on your poster paint box. If you like the concept, then i will adapt the same style for the plasticine box. Anything just let me know. Thank you sir. :)

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  • intanamir79
    • 7 måneder siden

    Hi sir.. Thank you for your feedback & comments. For premium feeling, maybe I can add some gold hotstamp in the design. The use of spot uv also help to make it look premium too, sir. :)

    • 7 måneder siden
  • bartoszm88
    • 7 måneder siden

    Hi, it's nice idea. I can't tell now if it will be our first choice, but I like it. Only not sure this style has premium feeling in first contact. Anyway we will consider it when voting for the winne in our company. Thank you

    • 7 måneder siden