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To be honest without knowing your keyword and competitors it is very hard to draw a strategy for your project however we will still inform you about the services we provide to our regular Search Engine Optimization Customers. 1) Keyword Analyse - Target Audience Analyse - Keyword Difficulty Analyse 2) Competition Analyse - Competitor Pros - Competitor Cons - Competitor Count 3) Detailed Analyse of your website - Analyse of Social Media Signals - Analyse of ON Page Optimization - Analyse of Backlink Power - Analyse of Publication - Analyse of Current Rankings 4) (Action Starts Here) On Page Optimization - Total 56 Factors - Image Optimization - Base Code Optimization (Valid HTML/PHP/ASP) - Inbound Link Optimization - Outbound Link Optimization - Fonts, CSS, Optimization - Highlight Content/Target Optimization Also we will provide Massive Social Media Promotion, High Value Backlinks and other backlinking services for free (PR publication etc)

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