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I will beat SEO for you

Hey, I will work on two dimensional strategy and i do not promise that i will take your website on first page of google in some days because it is unpractical. What i Will Do for You. (1): Structural and Functional analysis of your website for Seo (2): Some outbound activities on other websites to promote your Website on Search engines I will check where your seo competency lacks and where your seo competency is stronger. I will check out keywords relevancy, content optimization and social media optimization for you because these are new seo weapons in 2014-15. I will feature your website on top 100 blogs without writing guest blogging because it is also useless. I will make check list of 1000 seo things for your website and will fix all problems for you. finally after three months i will beat all search engines and you will see results. Thanks

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