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- header and footer left unchanged. - Video part was too large, on full HD monitor I could only see video of text and not enough info. I would left that but smaller. Video is cool, it can stay but resized, or it may be replaced by rotating banner. - both texts on right side, design portfolio between that. Pictures are small, but there should be onmouseover, so when you get with mouse over picture, you get big one on screen with basic info. - left side is reserved for icons and categories. Now, when you open site, you can immidiately know what is it all about an all available services - next can be some commercial, promotion, or rotating pictures from your portfolio... - all that middle part is changing depending on choices - bottom categories are fixed with footer, so when customers gets to bottom, they have idea where to navigate. It is better to compose it same as in top menu, different arangment may be confusing -used pictures and icons are just example from browsing results

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