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I envision the 5 blocks you see in my entry will be slideshows (or carousels as they are also called). Every so often the image for each of the blocks would change (kind of like here: The text could change too: like "Tech Support" could change to "Green Screen Rental" Every image except the first images to be shown on each block will be loaded dynamically/only at the point where they are needed (this way the initial load of the page faster). These slideshow blocks serve the purpose of giving a eyecatching, cool visual like how your video is eyecatching and cool. But it also meets your desire of pointing out the many services you offer. I think where you talk about your Palm Beach location is good already. It's prominent enough that it is noticeable, but not too prominent that it scares off potential long distance customers. Also, I think the current site is already very good!..but load time is slow, I agree.

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