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Home page mockup design sample

Hi I have done the home page design for you. Please have a look and let me know if you need any changes then I will do the product page design based on your feedback. Thanks

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                                     for                                         Redesign front home page and product page

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  • mrp2004
    • 3 måneder siden

    I Like the top Part, I am a little lost after that, maybe because is not my products. I like the bottom quick contact too. Is this with DIVI?

    • 3 måneder siden
    1. usaithub
      • 3 måneder siden

      Thanks for your feedback, no need to worry about that product that can be change with your product whenever you want. Right now its just a custom mockup but it can be done on Divi. Please ping me on chat so we can discuss further and proceed.

      • 3 måneder siden