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Smart Logo

If I were the one who'll design the logo for Smart, this will be the output. I adopt the "colorful circles" from the old logo of Smart since I don't want people to have a hard time of adjustment. (People cannot move on easily, so the best way is to let the changes happen gradually). Simplicity is convincing. So, my version is just as simple as this. Highlighting of course their three business pillar with a designated color. Red is for the customers which signifies desire. Purple is for the people which symbolizes power, becuse the power is in the people. Lastly, Green if for Technology which symbolizes growth. Without the technology, there will be no growth in the company. And retain the color of the word, SMART, because blue symbolized intelligence. And the circle shape symbolizes cycle. Meaning, All pillars give and take.

Konkurrenceindlæg #94 for Redesign SMART Communications & PLDT’s Logos! #ANewerDay

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