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Amazon PPC Expert / Listing Optimization

Hi there - My name is Andrew Morgans. I am currently the E-Commerce and Marketing Manager at US TOY COMPANY. I run the eBay and Amazon sites as well as the websites etc. I have grown their business here at US TOY by over 50%. 800,000 to 1.2 Million... So very good at what I do. What I suggest you let me do for you. Is take a look at your account. Are you optimizing all of your listings with the search terms correctly? And do you use Amazon Sponsored Ads? This is a great way to get traffic to your listings which in turn makes them more visible. You also get sales from them. For instance, our Cost of Marketing using the sponsored ads is 18% and has attributed for $21,000 this month. I could set this up for you and optimize your listings...But I'd rather just do a service... Let me know if you are interested. Thanks Andrew Morgans Feel free to look me up on LinkedIN P.s We could chat on skype if you would like so I could explain.

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