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Conceptual Submission of Shop Interiors

Hi Blessed (sorry I don't know your name yet), Please find my conceptual submission of your shop interiors. As per your brief, I've tried to incorporate as much of your requirements as possible. Do provide your feedback on the division of space, hangers, logo stand, etc. Please note that the design is not finished yet. I'm submitting these to know if you've any inputs at this design stage. Next, I'll put in ceiling lighting, wall graphics, modern islamic, pop culture & street wear art as you like. That will give a nice finishing touch to the overall design. Also note that I have avoided anything fancy, so as to keep our design simple yet beautiful, the cost in range and easy to maintain. Look forward to hear from you soon. Best regards, Pavan.

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  • pladkani
    • 5 år siden

    Hi there, look forward to hear from you asap, as if any inputs at this stage, I can incorporate them and detail the design and process some good High-Res renders, to be sent to you atleast a few hours before the deadline. That'd help us to have some final touches if required. Regards.

    • 5 år siden