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Fully Responsive Site Based on flat & material des

My site, built from scratch for Data Vista is simple, responsive and based on flat and Google's Material Design. This cross-browser site is built to feel like a native app on any platform it's viewed. It uses minimal colors and provides user the content he would seek. Also it's powered with modals(lightboxes) that zoom-in onto the screen when a user clicks "know more" button. Content of modals can easily be eidted in markup using attributes. These modals can be made to open on clicking any element( like icons in features section) using attributes. Specialities at a glance- 1- Is fully responsive. 2- meets criteria of modern sites made to look great in terms of UX & UI and perform faster. 3- Navbar/Menubar shrinks to an icon on small screens and opens when that icon on the top right sight corner is clicked. 4- Specially integrated modals/lightboxes to display descriptive information on clicking a button or icon or any element client may want.

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