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  • attheriver3
    • 5 år siden

    Okay, I need to see three options: 1st option, we need to see the blue piping of the seat and the blue up top where the head rest area is, in the two holes of entry #8 , put on this seat. in other words, wherever there is blue on entry #8 , put that on this entry #9 .

    Option #2 : Same as above but change the backing of the seat, where your back leans against, from suede to the backing of the #8 entry, Its vinyl.

    option 3: Use the #8 entry and change the curved part of the seat that is outside the blue piping to match that blue color, change that whole little curved area to the color blue of the pinstripe piping, then 2nd, make the outer left and right edge strip of the lower seat cushion that you sit on, the skinny strip on the outside right and left that runs from front to back of the seat cushion, make that blue, also the color blue of the pin stripe piping, not the color blues you used but the exact color of the pin striping. make each of these new looks their own entry.

    • 5 år siden