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Homemade Story Illustrations

I've uploaded the pages with illustrations for the short story, "Homemade." Let me know if this is what you envisioned your story as or any changes you would like made. For the story, "The Knife," I can do it quickly if my work with "Homemade" agrees with you.

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  • rickyproductions
    • 5 år siden

    Hi, I really like these, just a couple of points:

    In the final illustration, the cap looks out of perspective & proportion to the rest of the pic - it needs to be directly in front of the banjo player (I like the framing as it is though, so please keep the same composition)

    The seection that begins 'he takes the nails' needs an additional illustration to break up the text - too many words per pic!

    Apart from that, it's great - so please carry on with illustrating The knife also in the same style. No one else has come close to understanding & execution of the concept as you, so it looks like you'll be the winner if you produce the same quality for the knife.

    Many thanks,


    • 5 år siden
    1. rickyproductions
      • 5 år siden

      Hi - 250 dpi will be fine thanks.

      • 5 år siden
    2. MonsterMunch
      • 5 år siden


      Here are the image files:

      - Erica Lee

      • 5 år siden