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Logo Design

Unique, Clean & Modern ... Hope you like it ... Please rate & give a feedback ... If you need any changes, feel free to knock over freelancer private chat ... Thanks.

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                                     for                                         New Logo for my instagram

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  • sujankumarbarman
    • 4 måneder siden

    very good.

    • 4 måneder siden
  • oscar1158
    • 4 måneder siden

    Love your logo as now is the winner. But I want to wait more. Could you please make the spanish the main and the english the one in small letters? keep the no sound symbol please

    • 4 måneder siden
    1. Roshei
      • 4 måneder siden

      Many Thanks for your rating & feedback ... Yea sure, can you please knock me over freelancer private chat ... It will easy for me to show the options ... Thanks.

      • 4 måneder siden