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This idea is based around rotisserie barbecued chicken sold as either whole, 1/2 or 1/4 chicken portions. The chickens could be flavored with rubs or marinades to give different choices. This could be accompanied by flat breads, salads, slaws etc The vehicle would be a vintage fire truck, utility company vehicle or possibly a landrover The back of the vehicle would be kitted our with a rotisserie style bbq behind the roller shutter doors either on the side or back. The other compartments could house a fridge/sink/storage etc. This would be a unique foodtruck & would get peoples attention right away. I am happy to help with more work on the concept if you like this idea.

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  • jwfwilson
    • 6 år siden

    Hi,, sorry about that the other 2 images are in this link - the 2 vehicles on the left of the page

    • 6 år siden
  • nwash79
    • 6 år siden

    only 1 image was uploaded

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