NEW! #5 - Graphic Colored Logo. 13 more winning entries chosen!!! $20 x 13 = $240

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  • Præmier: $20
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Konkurrence Instruktioner

NEW - #5 - February-March 2021! We name our products creative names, and then try to embody the name of the product in a graphic that reflects it. We’re back with 13 new logos.

Each graphic logo needs:
-A unique font
-Matching color scheme to the product
-A design style that matches and makes it truly unique.
-Fits in a 2000x870px bounding box. (Attached samples shown at 1/3 scale).
-Final export of awarded and paid for designs will be requested in 3 or 4 sizes, with different image layers as .pngs on transparent backgrounds.
These are NOT boring "company logos". These are creative exciting artistic product labels! Not “Text with image next to it”, but dynamic interactive logos.
(Samples attached.)

There are several logos, and 1 winner per logo design awarded for this run. We will pay $20 per winning logo. 13 winners.
This is a private project, under NDA.

Please choose one or more of the following options, and submit a FINAL and PRINT-READY jpg or png. (You can watermark to protect, etc.)

BACKGROUNDS: ALL submissions MUST be on a WHITE background ONLY. All black or textured backgrounds will be rejected. Pure white only.


See pdf "Logo Info" in attachments for list of logo descriptions.

All 13 are needed – submit for one or many! Submit EARLY and OFTEN for best chances of success!


If I were to describe "Gamma Dice" from the attached sample set, I would do so like this:

Text: "Gamma Dice". Font type: Comic book style. Color Scheme: Green & Purple. Concept: Comic book "bam" image. Accent image/icon: Explosion comic outline. (EXAMPLE ONLY - Do not submit for Gamma Dice)

I will offer regular feedback on entries and rate them as follows:
1 star - will also get rejected.
2 star - likely to get rejected, just doesn't work.
3 star - in consideration. Not perfect, not wrong. A decent guide for other submissions.
4 star - a winner will be selected from one of these. Excellent.
5 star - Only winners will be marked as 5-stars, usually on the last day or after the contest ends. If you see it, you won that design.

Remember there will be multiple winners! You can submit many options for various options.
Thank you, multiple winners!

Anbefalede færdigheder


“Jarin's designs were super creative and elegant. She brought a very different feel to our recent contest as compared to other entrants. Always a pleasure to see her varied designs. Look forward to working with again.”

Profilbillede JohnWrot, United States.

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Offentlig Præciserings Opslagstavle

  • JohnWrot
    • 3 år siden

    Thank you again to all of our entrants. All winners have been awarded, and most files have been handed over. We are now moving on to our final contest, and here is the link:

    Our team really hopes to see you there!

    • 3 år siden
  • JohnWrot
    • 3 år siden

    Congratulations again. I'm still waiting on some revision efforts from some 4 star potential winners before I award all entries at once. Thank you for your patience. In the meantime, I will message you instructions on how to begin to prepare your files for delivery if you are already 5-star. Remember: 5-star means YOU WON!


    • 3 år siden
  • JohnWrot
    • 3 år siden

    Wow! What amazing submissions!

    I will spend much time on Tuesday combing through and selecting winners. It will be a great day. Please check your chats as I may request an update/revision via chat among potential winners.
    If I have requested an revision and you didn't get to submit formally in time, please send in chat now.

    There will be ONE MORE contest after this one, that will start on Wednesday or Thursday. It will contain the most complex and difficult logos. The price will be higher per logo than this contest. Please consider looking for a link to that contest in this comment feed later this week.

    Thank you again for all submissions. We'll be reaching out in the next 36 hours!


    • 3 år siden
  • lildesin9
    • 3 år siden

    joining soon

    • 3 år siden
    1. JohnWrot
      • 3 år siden

      Great news!

      • 3 år siden
  • sofijs5
    • 3 år siden

    Please check #234 , #235 , #236

    • 3 år siden
  • joyantabanik8881
    • 3 år siden

    #60 provide some feedback!

    • 3 år siden
  • zaberkhan004
    • 3 år siden


    • 3 år siden
  • JohnWrot
    • 3 år siden

    Tip for Epic Dice

    A powerful 3d perspective is requested.

    Like this...


    BIG at the top, and small at the bottom like it's towering over you like this

    or what I think is certainly the best yet.

    Maybe this style would look good graphically layed out with metal riveted framing around the letters with inset wood bands, or a some other similar sense of strength portrayed in it.

    Thank you!

    *all original images linked above belong to their respective owners.


    • 3 år siden
  • JohnWrot
    • 3 år siden

    Tip for Hologram:

    A look like this:

    Possibly with feedback / horizontal warpming like on this image:

    • 3 år siden

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