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Web scraper using Laravel Spatie and Dom Crawler

While you asked that I use spatie packages for scraping, I used similar packages that are used by spatie Here is my set up I create a general scraper which has support for proxies (See attached) Scraper can work on cron jobs (scheduled) You can specify the sites and categories you want to scrape in .env file i.e SITE_SCRAPERS="bearmach" Every site has it own scraper After data has been scraped it can be saved to database Images are scraped and saved to a storage directory For now I have created a scraper for one of your site for category I will need some feedback from you to finish the other scrapers. I have hosted the code in github, Let me know how I can share the code. Here is a small video link to show you how it is scraping. Thanks and hoping to hear from you

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                                     for                                         Looking for Laravel spatie / crawler developer to setup website parser.

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