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Website Design

New simple, and clean UI. Hope you like it. Feedback is most welcome.

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  • karanjapaul60
    • 4 år siden

    Hi sorry i was away for a while, my laptop had a problem and was at the repair shop. Just picked it today. Please check #13 for new entries. Thanks.

    • 4 år siden
  • UKBB
    • 4 år siden

    Thanks. I like the simple. I like the lots of white space. The space above the fold looks good in that it has a large image with text to capture attention followed by the owner's profile/text (which is good to place above the fold).

    In that space where there are four people having a meeting I would want to have the slider i.e. THREE images to rotate in this space ... one for each category of visitor we are expecting. Please create and supply those images. I'm looking forward to the concept you come up with on this.

    I'm not keen on the green boxes. Please completely remove this green.

    There is also still the matter of the logo. This needs to be completely redone as it is very similar to somebody else's design as we discussed earlier.

    Hope that helps.

    • 4 år siden