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Logo Redesign

Hello, Please Check! Design available in: fully editable and scale able layered vector .AI + .JPG + .PDF + .EPS + .SVG + .PNG with transparent background.Thanks a lot..

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  • mezikawsar1992
    • 5 måneder siden

    Dear CH, thanks for your valuable feedback again.
    I am ready to send you all kind of variations as you want. Also, i will send your design in printable ready all source files. Please check Entry #177 .

    • 5 måneder siden
  • BowmansArrow
    • 5 måneder siden

    can you add a little effect to the middle section in black and if so the money goes to you as you have worked with us and are listening. We appreciate it and so far so good. Have a nice day.

    • 5 måneder siden