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contest entry for alfan music

Hi there, Here's dropbox link to my entry for your audio logo contest: Something about entry work: I wanted to create something which represents attitude, solid quality and gives impression of leaning to the future. Let me know how I did. Something about me: I work as a sound designer in field of modern dance (four years now) and for where I've composed music and created live foley effects. I also keep myself busy freelancing with game companies (Creeng, Digiwizards, Ataverti) where I've worked with sound effects and music. I've gained years experience as a sound engineer both studio and in the field so I work fast. I've Master of Arts degree in musicology which consolidates my previous studies in the field of music technology and sound designing. My sounds site on SoundCloud if you're interested to hear more: Yours truly, Niko Huttunen

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  • seifyoussef
    • 6 år siden

    Thank you for the effort!

    • 6 år siden