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Hello Alfan Group, I am Mr. Ivanov, recording and sound artist from Bulgaria. I am specialised in designing sounds for games, apps and movies. After a quick survey on the products and services you provide, I've made a plan how to proceed with your inquiry. It is clear for me that with that video logo openings, on each video you post, you want it to be recognisable and memorable. And so, by using psychoacoustic elements and memorable melodies, I did my best to assure that. I will not only provide you with high quality recordings, made with high-end gear and software, but I will develop the main idea, that stands behind your inquiry, to further augment the positive effect on your future customers that will watch those video. And last. I cannot seem to find the option to attache the audio here, on Freelancer. It is possible for me to upload watermarked video with the sound to any other video platform, but this will be copyright infringement against you logo.

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  • seifyoussef
    • 6 år siden

    Thank you for the submission

    • 6 år siden
  • VentsislavIvanov
    • 6 år siden

    And here is a link

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