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Logo Design & YouTube Intro Video

Hello I did the following as you said 1. Apply Montserrat Extra-Bold font 2.lights settle onto just the background color and the logo 3.The finished logo is black 4. I made the background color to your brand color #00c1ff Hope now you like the intro video more. Looking forward to your feedback

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  • TriJohnson
    • 1 måned siden

    I love it. Well done! Just to confirm, you will provide a .png of the logo itself, preferably with a transparent background and also the .mp4 of the YouTube intro? I will be happy to choose your design. Thanks for taking the time to create and iterate with the feedback! Best, Derek.

    • 1 måned siden
    1. sirat199
      • 1 måned siden

      I will give you illustrator file(.ai), jpeg, transparent png file of the logo and .mp4 file which is (1080p) of the intro

      • 1 måned siden