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Vibrant Landscape for House Frontage 4

Planting option 1: Design strategies: 1. Plant butterfly attracting/ fragrant near pathways 2. Escallonia bush (shade tolerant) planted in alleyway, due to shade cast from neighboring building with bigger planting area for chance of growth to heights of 4m 3. 2 trees - Purple Leaf Plum Tree (about 6 ft high), Blue Hibiscus shrubs & Kaffir Lily shrubs (surrounding tree) create symmetry that frame the house's frontage 4. All gaps and spacing to be filled in with Ceanothus Griseus horixontalis as ground cover. Planting option 2: Design strategies: 1. Drought tolerant and mostly all free flowering year round, follows a warm tone colour palette to welcome people 2. Integrate river rock placement into design create linear line planted with Agave attenuate near entrances/exit 3. Different type of plant allocated for sides(drought tolerant/flowering year round) vs. front (flowery/seasonal) 4. All gaps and spacing to be filled in with ‘Lavender Swirl’ Lantana as ground cover.

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