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Infographics for Hero Female Archetypes

This is a fast and raw draft of what can be done. The main idea is to put the Archetype or the Greatest Trait in the middle of the planet. And related features will be orbiting around it with some additional data (like Time or Name, or Hisory note). If some features are the same in some characters - the orbits will overlap. And the Space Galaxies in general - are the symbol of Evolution, Greatness with Heroes/Planets/Traits. If you like the general idea, I'll complete this this work until you completely like it.

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                                     for                                         Infographic of Heroic Archetypes & explanation

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  • mymore1
    • 6 år siden

    good concept. and great way of showing a system (especially with the overlap, as all of these women share some of the archetypal traits but each one best represents one archetype)....very smart....a quick hint. The archetypes are discussed before each story (character story), then the great traits at the end, in the summary of their life. You could pulll the great traits out to make this simpler, and if this is the final selection, we could then add a separate project for a version to map the great traits but you could resude your "system" as the template.

    • 6 år siden
    1. aventecho
      • 5 år siden

      Hello, I'm writing this to make sure, that you've notices my comment (1 week ago) above, and to confirm I'm still ready to bring this work to best result.

      • 5 år siden
  • aventecho
    • 6 år siden

    Hello, and thank you for feedback! Of course I can do any manipulations with this template until it is favourable enough. What would be the most comfortable way for you to discuss further edits (?):
    - through e-mail,
    - through skype;
    - or with chat system?
    - or do you expect me to upload one more variation to this contest?
    - or, propose your way of further working on this project. I'm open, and I like your "Heroes").

    • 6 år siden