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v.2 landscape and portrait

"windows and doors" "windows, doors ,little pointed flags" pink and mint :)

Konkurrenceindlæg #11 for Illustrate Something for Modern Nursery Artwork

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  • alanahands
    • 3 år siden

    I LOVE the changes thank you! I love the ''hide and sleep'" posters (1 and 2) as it! The houses and also the bunting flags are a great addition to the "wished for you" posters. I love the little flag versions best. The only tiny feedback I would have is that I would probably change the pink houses on the aqua version to a diffeent colour - like a darker version of the background or another teale or blue or purple shade (only as lots of mums don't like any pink in a baby boy's room!). Also I would remove the hearts and dashes (or straight lines next to the hearts) on this version too! Other than that they are GREAT!

    • 3 år siden