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Rent It Bahamas

Hello Sir, Based on your description i have created this mockup and hope it will full fill your requirement. Your each and every feedback/ suggestions will be much important to me so if you have any required changes just feel free to point out so that i can update it. Waiting for your comments. Regards Aryan

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  • Success2013
    • 5 år siden


    The place your ad her banner, I would prefer an example of a landscaping company or cleaning service company instead of a home for sale as it might confuse site visitors. The Create a listing button can be more attractive and stand out more.
    Can you break the navigation bar up into individual/separate buttons.
    The rented button is too simple. I like that the social media buttons are large but I think I would like to see them in a single line.

    Thank you

    • 5 år siden
    1. theinspiredart
      • 5 år siden

      Hello Sir,
      Many thanks for your feedback. I will be back with updates within 1-2 hrs. In the main time i have one query, How you want social media buttons? in a single row or in a single column and name next to it? Or in single column without there name?


      • 5 år siden