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Karate Halloween Campaign v2

Hello, Here is my revised entry with the additional layouts (4x6) Please rate and let me know what you think. Of course if my design is chosen I will give you all stock #'s for the images needed. Thank You:)

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                                     for                                         I need some Graphic Design for A halloween themed campaign

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  • GreatCreations
    • 7 år siden

    Correction (they are sized 3x4 inches not 3x5 (typo on my end). Is their anything else that I may need to change/add to get five stars?

    • 7 år siden
  • CatZCMS
    • 7 år siden

    I like the 4x6 photos, but the 3x5 is the wrong dimension, they need to be 3x4. The street clothes kids are great picks,

    • 7 år siden