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First Tattoo Design

First Tattoo Design - Proposal - Please let me know what you think. Thanks a lot.

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                                     for                                         I need some Creative Design for MY FIRST TATTOO

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  • HudsonJRRMV
    • 6 år siden

    I like it, i really like it .. very different from the original concept in my head, but a fresh idea is exactly what i was looking for .. i like the inversion of white vs black space .. definitely a contender, thanks for your entry!

    • 6 år siden
    1. kimuchan
      • 6 år siden

      Hi CH, thanks for rate and the feedback. I have another version which is in full black instead of lines. But I guess you don't like it. And for sure its gonna be painful, I remember when I get my first ink, ouch!. lol. If you want me to change anything. Please let me know.

      • 6 år siden